Significant airspace restrictions – Sydney and Canberra

Airspace operating procedures around Sydney and Canberra will be changed for 22 to 25 May as the cities host an event.
Sean Innes was presented with his award by CASA Board Chair Mark Biskin recently in Cairns.

Safety first for SMS manager

It was a humble start as a baggage handler with some of Australia’s biggest commercial airlines that led to Sean Innes becoming one of our inaugural safety manager scholarship recipients.
Airvan GA-8 in poor weather conditions at Cambridge Aerodrome, Tasmania.

Flying ops quiz

You are operating a twin-engine aeroplane and plan to overfly a populous area on your departure. What is the minimum height at...

IKEA principles guide AME awardee

AME scholarship recipient Jack Callow says if you can put together IKEA furniture, you have probably got a great head start in aircraft engineering.
Aircraft engineer working on an engine.

Maintenance quiz

Test yourself with this maintenance quiz. For each item, chose the most appropriate response.

Drone flyer diary – Dominic Papasergio

Dominic Papasergio's love for all things aviation spans over 40 years, stemming from when his brother was a pilot in the United States throughout the 1970s and 1980s.
Image Tool-control

Back in the box: the importance of tool control for safety

Technology can assist, but not replace, human thoroughness in controlling this foreign object damage hazard Aircraft maintenance is an unforgiving way to make a living.  As...

Total recall

If not for an experienced engineer’s long and detailed memory, a serious in-flight incident might have remained a mystery By Robert Wilson It’s something not meant...
Illustration of Piper Saratoga flying over a dark landscape with a small light visible on the ground.

Night fright

By Alan Bradshaw The darkness of regional Australia at night proves to be more than a match for a city slicker’s night VFR rating. My lifelong...
image: Adobe Stock | Andy

Too close for comfort

Only luck and a sliver of time prevent a mid-air collision. Some years ago, I was involved in an incident that nearly resulted in a mid-air collision. It happened in the vicinity of the Archerfield Southern Training Area during a training session that I was conducting in a Cessna 172.
low clouds and rain above the ocean.

What did I think I was doing?

One of my first instructors told me never to fly on minimums. 'It's not bad weather, but marginal weather that kills you,' the instructor said. Pilots don't fly in bad weather. I also thought that years of experience could compensate, but nothing can overrule sticking to a bad decision.

Get-there-it is

By a Flight Safety Australia reader After having recently achieved my private pilot’s licence, I decided to take up an offer from a friend to...

Hot and high

By a Flight Safety Australia reader As a fresh PPL pilot, I was always thrilled when I got to navigate across the state all by...
Aircraft parked at an airfield. Rear view of a plane with a propeller on a sunset background.

Assumed risk

A former boss once warned me that 'an assumption is the basis of a screw-up'. While I've often repeated that maxim to others, it took 5 white-knuckle minutes to teach myself the wisdom of those words.